Come follow me … Be my disciple | Ven sígueme … Ser mi discipulo

A message from Father Perry D. Leiker, pastor
"Months ago in this parish we began a parish retreat focused entirely on the words and teaching of Jesus. Over 200 people have participated in this retreat in English and Spanish.
"What could be the outcome of such a search? If we go on a retreat to search for more faith — for the presence of Christ in our lives, for joy, for hope, for a sense of belonging, to be freed from their pain or confusion — what might occur?
"It is nearly impossible that we won’t discover, if not, many things, at least something.
"Spiritual searches always come from hungers or thirsts, or from some need to have or to know something deeper. This feast begs the question for us all. It asks if each of us has gone on our most essential search for the questions that are most important to us."
Why YOU should attend one of Father Perry's spiritual retreats?
"My name is Josefina DeAquino, and I have been a member of St. Bernard's for over 30 years.
"I have several questions, because I am Catholic by default, let's say it. These days, I ask questions.
"So I have many questions, and I said, I'll go and attend one of the retreats. 
"Trust me, I found all the answers to my questions, and many, many more answers. It gives you the strength and the different approach to all those problems and all those things. 
"Now, believe me, that retreat not only moved and touched me but inspired me to come here before all of you to invite you to attend. It's an amazing experience. It's such a good retreat that even a group of great people from another parish comes and assists.
"So I will be back on one of the retreats, and I hope to see all of you.
"Thank you very much."

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